World Bank helps youth of Timor-Leste gain essential skills with education project

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Date: 17 August 2018 by Devdiscourse News Desk | Story Source: GEM Report ~ Go to Original Article

The project set up nine community learning centers and prepared a curriculum, learning materials. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

The Second Chance Education Project is expected to be crucial for the accumulation of human capital and for building the institutions and social capital needed for long-term economic development and poverty reduction.


In 2002, having regained independence, Timor-Leste had to rebuild almost all its institutions from the ground up. After decades of struggle, many Timorese lacked a basic education and more than a third of all adults were illiterate. By 2010, considerable progress toward meeting development goals had been made, however human development outcomes for Timorese—especially in health and education—remained among the weakest in the East Asia and Pacific region.

Enrolment in primary education had increased from 68 percent in 2005 to 85 percent in 2008. However, many young and adult Timorese still lacked the adequate basic education to fully participate in the economy and society. In 2009, only…