Why I teach

“I have always asked myself: as a teacher, what more could I have done for them? What power do I have against my students’ circumstances? I know for a fact I’m not superwoman nor a messiah. I’m limited and some things are beyond my control. But I ask because it was painful to just watch it unfold. It was painful because I love my students.And when I stormed the heavens for answers especially when I didn’t know what to do anymore, the only I answer I got was, “The mission wasn’t teaching. The mission has always been to love. What would a loving person do?”

As teachers, we are leaders inside our own classrooms. We have the capacity to create a classroom where students can feel safe, where they can delight in learning and enjoy being kids, where they don’t have to think about earning money and just focus on reaching their potential. Bilang guro, namumuno tayo.  And not just namumuno, which means “to lead” but also “to fill”. To fill the students with experiences of learning but also of love.”