Why 25 million children are out of school in Pakistan


Pakistan is facing tremendous challenges in the education sector, with 25 million children not attending schools at all. Official record shows that this figure has remained mostly unchanged since 2005.

Improving school enrollment lies at the forefront of Pakistan’s battle to improve education.

Sharing data and figures, educational experts are of the opinion that come December 31, 2015, Pakistan would have missed each one of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to achieve universal primary school access, improve retention in school and increase adult literacy.

As per the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey 2013-14, Pakistan’s progress on the education front has been severely lagging, given that it has not achieved any of the targets set for 2015 in all three indicators: to improve literacy rate, retain enrollment and increase net primary enrollment.

Currently, the literacy rate in Pakistan is 57%, while the target was to increase it to 88%. It was also pledged that the survival rate of enrolled children from Grade 1 to 5 would be brought to its maximum, but the retention rate is currently only 67%. Similarly, the net primary enrollment is 58% in Pakistan and the target of 100% remains a distant dream.

Furthermore, experts have said that the figure of 25 million children not enrolled in school could not be reduced for the past decade given the increase in population.


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