Well-equipped Schools Boost Students’ Learning in Afghanistan


Around 20 little girls are sitting on a carpet making different handmade objects as a young woman continuously guides them through their work. They are in a room, surrounded by shelves holding dozens of paper drawings and a variety of paper and plastic handmade objects. A corner of the room also houses a small library containing mainly children’s storybooks.

Six-year-old Parisa is busy making a paper cake in the class. She says she enjoys coming to this class. “I like this place. I also like math. We get to practice math here as well using these objects.”

This is a classroom in Herat Experimental Girls’ School located in Heart city. It is one of the most popular schools in Herat, which has won several awards. The classroom is one of the best-equipped parts of the school, utilized by students from grades 1 to 6.

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