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In March 2011, protests broke out in Syria which have led to arguably the worst refugee crisis since World War Two. While millions of the Syrians affected by the uprising remain internally displaced, the majority have fled the country, seeking refuge in neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon.

According to official figures from UNICEF, children currently account for just over half of the total number of refugees. These children are now at the real risk of becoming a ‘lost generation’.

“If we don’t provide them with education, they’re lost. This is the generation that’s going to re-build their country in a few years. They are the future. The children feel that they can’t dream, that they can’t hope. They are the future generation who are supposed to re-build. The children feel their horizons and hopes are limited,” says Soha Bsat El Boustany, UNICEF, Lebanon.

In this film, children from across Syria who are now in Lebanon and Jordan reflect on what little they remember of the lives they left behind and the difficulties of receiving an education in their current situation.
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