US: Flexible Learning Day Means No Classroom Time Lost Due to Weather Delays/Cancellations


January 17, 2017 07:35 PM

As students across the southern part of the state started late Tuesday, or not at all, due to weather conditions, Farmington students were already hard at work, at home.

Classrooms at Farmington High School were empty because students had a flexible learning day.

Every student, grades K-12, has a district issued iPad.

During a flexible learning day, teachers send out assignments via school technology.

Teachers are also required to be available online for questions students may have.

Math teacher Megan Johnson says missing a day or starting late disturbs classroom flow.

“We come back tomorrow, we don’t miss a beat, we don’t have to play catch up, we don’t have to revisit from last week they just keep going where they left off,” Johnson said.

The district says with flex days students don’t lose any instructional time.

They also learn about independence and responsibility.

“We’re really trying to give kids the opportunity to have ownership over their own learning, use their time and space differently, and that really fits in with what we are trying to do here,” says Farmington High School Principal Jason Berg.

Berg says other schools districts have taken notice, and have called to find out more about Farmington’s flexible learning days.

“I think snow days and weather days are potentially going to be a thing of the past at some point in time. When kids can’t get into the building, this is what you’re able to do,” Berg adds.