Unicef: Blind student’s message – ‘See our ability, not our disability’

Date: 12 July 2018 | By: GLORIA BAUAI AND ETHAN DONNELL | Story Source: Stuff (nz) ~ Go to Original Article


Kopex Tim stops for a brief moment when his cane hits something. His younger brother Hanika moves ahead, and seeing the piece of wood in the middle of the track, removes it.

Kopex continues down the narrow path, using his cane to guide him. He has been doing this every day for years, and knows the trail perfectly in his mind – every bend, every stream, every muddy patch, every wooden bridge, every stone.

And every piece of wood.

Kopex is blind in both eyes. He relies heavily on feel, by using his cane, and sound, by clicking his finger to determine where objects are and how far or close they may be. His elder brother…

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