UK: Education Minister should continue to tackle disadvantage to improve attainment: Logue


Education Minister Peter Weir has been called on to tackle disadvantage in order to improve educational attainment.

The call comes from Sinn Fein’s education spokesperson in Derry, Cllr Patricia Logue.

She was speaking following the publication of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report.

Cllr Logue (pictured) said: “I want to commend schools and teachers for their efforts in achieving PISA results for 15 year-olds which are comparable to the OECD average.

“However, the report highlights the continuing link between disadvantage and educational underachievement.

“The report shows the difference between the results of the most disadvantaged and those who are better off is the equivalent of missing two and two thirds years of schooling.

“It is clear that we still have a way to go to achieve a world-class education system.

“As Education Minister in the previous mandate, John O’Dowd put a focus on tackling disadvantage and there have been improvements in educational attainment.

“The current Education Minister Peter Weir should continue on that path.”

Cllr Logue concluded: “The education committee will undertake a major inquiry into education under-attainment throughout 2017.”