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“Daily math practice, totally personalized, to ensure a new generation of confident and successful learners.”


 Every child learns differently. Therefore, Todo Math is designed to provide personalized support that empowers them to accelerate learning and realize their full potential for all children. To include all the children with learning differences, Todo Math provides researched, tested and proved “FUN” activities. Children can do self-paced learning without any pressure or penalty. Also, the games in the application are aligned to the U.S. and global math standards, it can be a great alternative workbook.


Daily Practice
New seasonal daily practice adventures help children to hone their math skills with focused and intentional activities. Each adventure contains 4 weeks of 10-minute daily practice sessions. There are four adventures for parents to choose from including kindergarten preparation, kindergarten practice, 1st-grade preparation, and 1st-grade practice.

Mission Mode
Currently, Todo Math has 60+ standards-aligned missions, from the Pre-K mission “Easy Numbers” to the 2nd-grade mission “Quick Multiplication Drill”. Each mission contains engaging activities that encourage students to solve 50-100 problems in a row!

Free Choice Mode: Multi-Level Games
Todo Math currently has 28+ multi-level games, and we are adding new games on an ongoing basis! These games help students build fluency as well as conceptual understanding of early math. Each game has up to 20 levels, so children get lots of practice with each skill as well as plenty of support and scaffolding. You can download the beginning levels of each game for free!

Monster Collection Quiz
Monster Quiz tests children’s math skills they have been practicing through missions and free choice activities. The monster quiz questions are slightly different so that Todo Math can determine if the child’s math practice is transferring to real mastery of early elementary math. When the child answers the quiz questions correctly, he or she collects a curious and delightful monster as a reward.

Multiple Input Modes for Diverse Learning Needs
Our technology allows young children to write their answers on the screen. Todo Math offers children who find writing difficult the option to tap and drag “number blocks”. There are also accessibility options for left-handed children and children who need to use a simple keypad. 

Star Marks and Keys for Accomplishments
Children receive stars whenever they solve questions. When they finish a level, a small star appears in the game menu to mark their progress. When children finish a mission, they receive a special key. These stars and keys are ways Todo Math commemorate children’s accomplishments and help them celebrate every step of their work.


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