“The Little One” Finds Her Voice (Lao PDR)


The villagers know her as “the Little One.” Two years ago, Pamoxong was very shy and unenthusiastic about school. She knew her family was desperate for money and that her father would soon ask her to drop out to help support the family just like he’d asked her older siblings.

Today you would hardly recognize that once quiet girl except by her slight stature. Though she is still little in size, now she is a giant in her community for her advocacy for education. 

The transformation began when she enrolled in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. In the “life skills” classes, she was encouraged to speak her mind, and to share her thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams with the other girls. In the safe environment of these classes, Pamoxong eventually started to open up. And when she did, what emerged was confidence and ambition. 

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