The Lightout Digital Literacy Program

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Moreover, the smartphone penetration rate reached 80 percent in 2017, on par with the United States, in Myanmar. Internet use is quite widespread in the country due to the availability and affordability of smartphones, mobile data, and the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Viber.


“Children/Youth who don’t acquire digital literacy in Myanmar”

  • Despite high smartphone penetration, digital literacy in Myanmar is low
  • A majority of Myanmar smartphone users do not use their smartphones for more than one application due to low levels of digital literacy.
  • In fact, while 66 percent of people in Myanmar own a smartphone, only 34 percent use applications.


Telenor’s Lighthouse Digital Literacy program aims to build 200 “lighthouses” which are digital literacy centers with a smartphone and computer-based training and online education.


The project provides in-person and hands-on training at first. Also, after some first phase of training, the online self-learning tools will be provided. Especially, the special programs are included to teach children about the safe and effective use of the Internet. Also, it educates general services for information and communication technology (ICT) users with a variety of needs and a variety of levels of digital literacy. The Lighthouses are permanent spaces for ICT access, training, and assistance that are free or affordably priced to users in Myanmar. They provide roughly three computers 3 per Lighthouse and ask people to bring their own smartphones for instruction and assistance. They have six training modules for smartphones and four training modules for PCs.


The project currently has established 61 Digital Lighthouses staffed by 100 trainers. Especially, a total of 65 percent of these Lighthouses are outside the most developed states of Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyidaw; 30 percent of which are in rural areas. As of November 2017, the Digital Lighthouse Program has trained approximately 80,000 people and approximately 60 percent are female. At first, Telenor began by providing in-person instruction only but, now, online training tools called “Digital Lighthouse” has been added to support their outreach activities. They have developed a parental guidebook for Internet safety as well, and online animated videos on responsible Internet use.


Telenor Myanmar

  • Telenor is part of a global company, but we are a local business. We aim to promote a vibrant business environment that inspires industry innovation, responsible business practices and opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Telenor is built around people. Telenor is committed to being a responsible, employer-of-choice in Myanmar. Our corporate culture is built on openness, collaboration, empowerment and inspiration, and we aim to help our people and partners realize their full potential through skills and leadership training and exposure.
  • Telenor is aiming to build a workforce of 1,000+ employees, in addition to creating another 2,000 job opportunities through indirect employment with local business partners and vendors. We prioritize the hiring of Myanmar citizens.