Total population (in thousands) 67,959 (2015)
Population aged 14 years and younger (in thousands) 12,036 (2015)
Out-of-school children 454,421 (2015)
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Shifting the Thai education paradigm

10 January, 2018 By Nicha PITTAYAPONGSAKORN Preparing youngsters for the 21st century is one of the major challenges of any education ...
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Thailand: Education failings: Is anyone listening?

DANIEL MAXWELL & PEERASIT 16 Nov, 2017 It is disheartening each time an international report is released which further condemns ...
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Situation Analysis of Out-of-School Children in Nine Southeast Asian Countries

In an effort to assist the countries in Southeast Asia to develop more robust policies and programmes for out-of-school children ...
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Children with Disabilities


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Flood-Hit Community Learning Centers Rise Again in Ayutthaya

"The 2011 floods took hundreds of lives and caused billions of baht in property damage, affecting more than 300 CLCs, ...
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ICT in Education


29 edtech startups across Southeast Asia with some funding and traction

Startups that tackle problems in Southeast Asia’s education system aren’t exactly writing big headlines with multi-million dollar funding rounds, but ...
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Making things happen

Educational websites created under the concept of "anyone can learn" are quite abundant. But the recently launched website claims ...
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Literacy scheme to be launched for migrant and stateless children not attending school

Unesco Bangkok, Microsoft Thailand, True Corp and the Office of Informal and Non-Formal Education (ONIE) will formally launch an initiative ...
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Innovative Financing


A foundation along the Thai-Myanmar border is making sure stateless children have access to education and the right to a full life

The children's faces, white with powder, looked eager as a big modified truck picks them up for school. It was ...
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Japan’s EDF has helped educate many thousands of Asean children

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UNICEF, Finnair and Amadeus partner to enable traveller donations towards “Schools for Asia” initiative

Travellers buying tickets on will be able to donate from one to ten euros. Donations will be channeled to ...
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Learning Outcomes


Literacy improves among Prathom 1 students

One of the most essential skills is the ability to read and write, so the Education Ministry's "zero illiteracy" policy ...
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127 disadvantaged girls successfully became nurses at a Community Learning Center in a temple (Thailand)

The temple of Dawn is a community learning center (Center for Buddha-Dhamma Practice and International charity) certificated by office of ...
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Hands-on learning beats the books

Walking around the recently-renovated displays at the National Museum in Bangkok, Rathakorn Wintachai was excited to learn about his history ...
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Mother Tongue


Languages show way to cohesive societies

The Asean nations are characterised by an immense diversity and richness of languages and cultural traditions. In addition to their ...
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A Primary School Revolution

Find out about how educational change is occurring in Thailand's northeast  primary schools, through student-led classes ...
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Policy and Curriculum


Thailand passes baton in regional education leadership

Thailand on Tuesday completed its two-year term heading the Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) Council, passing the reins ...
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Thailand and Brunei share insights on education

Cooperation among Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) member countries is at an all-time high, including a new partnership ...
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Thailand: Education itself must learn some lessons

As debates rage on about how to move national education reform forwards, globalisation has been transforming Thailand's learning landscape without ...
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Private Sector


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Thai teacher on a mission to help poor children

Education has been the driving force in Samadthachai Pungpong's life for as long as he can remember. As a sixth ...
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