California, US.
Private school, 
Founded in 1960, 
Number of students: 283 (2018-19), 
Age: 18 month-14 (Toddler to Grades 8)

Personalized learning supported by thoughtfully designed materials and environment
Santa Monica Montessori School is one of the first Montessori schools in the United States. At the school, the primary goal for the child is to cultivate their own natural desire to learn. The goal is approached by two ways in classroom, 1) each child is free to make own choice of lesson rather than being forced to do something, and 2) teacher’s support for children to shape natural tools for learning, which can be used in future learning situations.

One of the first Montessori schools in the United States. It is a private academic preschool and elementary school through grade 8 based on the philosophy of freeing the child’s potential in a stimulating environment.

to cultivate children’s own natural desire to learn
-develop independence in each child, initiative, creative mind and inner discipline
-foster lifetime love of learning

Personalized learning supported by thoughtfully designed environment
Montessori education
hands on activities using thoughtfully designed environment and materials
children’s own choice of lessons

Characteristics of the Montessori Education
Montessori education is an approach to working with children that is carefully based on the studies on children’s cognitive, neurological and emotional development. Active learning through hands-on activities and exercises is emphasized in order to encourage the development of the creative and analytical mind.
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Prepared Environment:
With thoughtfully designed environment and learning materials, child is free to select materials independently and allowed to study his or her chosen materials uninterrupted. All equipment in a Montessori classroom allows a child to use their hands throughout the learning process. This tactile and kinesthetic system of learning permanently reinforces the skill to be learned.

Sensitive Periods:
Montessori determined that each child’s individual development occurred systematically in predictable steps roughly according to age. She organized these steps into four planes called “sensitive periods”. A Montessori education respects, enhances and utilizes the individual child’s natural evolution through these planes.

Approach in Santa Monica Montessori School : own choice of lesson and shape tools for learning
Children’s own choice of lessons
In Montessori schools, teachers are working as guide of children’s learning. In the beginning of academic year, teacher give “Great lessons” which is to introduce topics to children. Students are encouraged to explore topics they are interested in and they manage their own time as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
In Santa Monica Montessori school, each child is able to experience the excitement of learning through their own choice of lesson rather than being forced to do something. Children are stretched to achieve their potential without boundaries or restriction and in a non-competitive environment.
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Hands on activities
Teachers help the child shape their natural tools for learning, which can be used in future learning situations. Students choose materials for their activity and explore their learning individually.

The school focus on fostering a love of learning and research while also engendering self-discipline and responsibility. Children are given the opportunity to satiate their curiosity while developing academic skills.