Bangkok, Thailand. 
Private non-profit organization, 
Founded in 1997, 
Number of students: 1304 (2016), 
Age: 4-18 (K-secondary School)

Holistic education integrating learning into context of the society
The Roong Aroon School is an alternative school in Thailand. The school aims to develop children who can create their community and society as a leader. The school takes holistic educational approach to nurture the children’s awareness of relationship with environment and society. Children learn through project-based learning in a real context of their community utilizing the community environment with nature.

Roong Aroon school is a private not-for-profit organization set up and accredited in 1997. The name means “School of Dawn” in Thai language. The school aims holistic education integrating learning into life to develop students to be leaders in their society.

Developing people who can create their good society
– to create consciousness, morality and wisdom in children
– cultivate children’s creativity to lead the Thailand society

Holistic education integrating theoretical learning to daily life
Holistic education to nurture the awareness of relationship with environment and society
Learning in a community with natural environment
Project based learning in a community

Holistic education
Roong Aroon aims holistic education approach in which integrative learning contexts nurture the children’s insight learning awareness and cultivate the sustainable relationship with others and the whole environment. For the holistic learning practices, they use three learning modes:
-Deeper learning:
To nurture one’s inner learning capacity, the school involves students in activities of mindfulness cultivation, self reflection, spiritual arts and public volunteer services.
-Learning by doing:
To enable students to act in real societies, the students learn through activity-based, problem based, project-based and research-based learning with themes that are integrated with real life experiences.
-Communicative learning:
To share knowledge and understanding with others to build learning community, students participate in group learning, discussion, dialogue, knowledge, management, community sharing, group meeting, people mapping and ICT presentation

Learning in a community with natural environment
Based on the concept of the holistic learning process, Roong Aroon provides a natural environment to promote children’s creative practices. The school is located in the 8ha of lands in the outskirts of Bangkok, surrounded by abundant greenery environment which is fully accessible to all the students. The campus and surrounding community are developed for both outdoor and indoor learning activities, including regular off-campus field study

Project based learning in the community
Primary students learn through themes which integrate the real situation of relevant issues. Students enhance variety of skills and tools, incorporating a variety of subjects including language, math, science, social studies as well as arts and music.

In Middle school, besides academic knowledges, students develop their life skills. Through project-based learning based on the social issues, students develop their skills for searching information and getting knowledge from the real context of their community, analyzing causes and thinking solution of the issues, and participating in the solution process.

– Society-based project
Let’s see an example of the holistic approach.

Rice is Life Project (Primary grade 5)
The theme of grade 5 students is “rice” which is an essential element in Thai culture both in personal consumption, social life, ceremonies, and the economy of the country. They are given an undeveloped plot of land to learn, soil preparation, planting and harvesting. Therefore the children see the complete process of their rice farm including the hardship and pleasures they experience.
All of these processes require knowledge from a variety of areas. Such as 1) Thai language: traditional literature, poetry, 2) Social studies: farming communities and lifestyle, tradition, ceremony, 3) Mathematics: calculating land area, 4) Science: ecosystem, the reproduction system of plants, 5) Arts, and 6) Life skills: recipes and develop their techniques of cooking.
>> Blog: Project “Thai Way of Thai Rice”, Grade 5

Students possess dimension of competency to be leaders
– complete individuals who possess thinking skills, social skills, art skills

The graduates from Roong Aroon are on variety of paths including top universities in Thailand. The school regards characteristics of their graduates as 1) be aware of themselves quite well, 2) Be courageous to think, take action, and make a decision, 3) Be active life not a null life.


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