Reading to Rewire: How early reading at home may reroute the brain’s networks

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Date: 18 Sep Leah Shafer | Story Source: Harvard Usable Knowledge ~ Go to Original Article

For children at risk of dyslexia, early reading at home may reroute the brain’s networks, building new capacity.

Reading with parents and caregivers — key to building literacy skills and a love of reading in every child — may be particularly valuable for children at risk for developing dyslexia. New research reveals that strong home literacy practices may actually reshape the brains of such children by creating new neural pathways for reading. With family support, these children may be able to develop alternative networks that help them decode and comprehend words on a page.

The Research

Dyslexia, the most common reading disability, affects between 5 and 10 percent of the population. It’s largely hereditary; about half of kids with…