Read with Your Kids- 5 Excellent Reading Apps



Looking for some good storybooks and audiobooks to read with your kids? The list below has you covered. These are some popular iPad apps featured in iTunes App Store that provide you with a diverse set of reading materials to use with your kids. Besides eBooks and audiobooks, you will also access tons of other learning materials that include learning videos, games, puzzles, stories, animations, activities and many more. You may want to browse through the list and see which ones work for you. Share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

1- Epic
‘Welcome to Epic! – the leading digital library for kids, where kids can explore their interests and learn with instant, unlimited access to 25,000 high-quality ebooks, audiobooks, learning videos, and quizzes for kids 12 and under.’

2- Weirdwood Manor
‘A fantasy tale in the tradition of “Harry Potter” and “The Golden Compass”, “The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor” is also a beautifully illustrated picture book, a stunningly animated movie, and a challenging series of games and puzzles. Over 30 minutes of story and activities in Book 1; 60-90 minutes in each of Books 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.’

3- StoryBots – Fun and Learning
‘The StoryBots iPhone app makes learning fun for kids 3-8 with 250+ educational books, videos and games featuring characters from the Netflix original series, “Ask the StoryBots” and “StoryBots Super Songs.” Used in more than 45,000 classrooms around the world, StoryBots helps your child practice literacy and math skills and explore science, history, behaviors and more. Plus, by adding your child’s photo and name, you can make them the star of the show!’

4- The Complete Adventures of Pan (Books 1-7)
‘Includes ALL 7 BOOKS of Complete Series The Adventures of Pan (#1 Best Seller in App Store Kids & Books in 42+ countries)! Kids will love the timeless story of Pan as she goes on an adventure to rescue her parents and save the world. Features original characters, high quality animation, music, puzzles and activities.’

5- PlayKids Stories – Books for Kids
‘PlayKids Stories is an amazing library of books and stories for kids 8 and under. Join this space adventure that will nurture your little one’s love of reading. Access a library from all-time favorite stories to modern classics that will spark the imagination.’