A formative assessment system that helps teachers with real-time feedback in the classroom



 Every child learns at a different pace. While some students grasp concepts quickly, others need more time and practice to understand the same concept. To provide personalized learning, it is important to diagnose each students’ learning ability and paces accurately, which is why assessment is important for teachers. 


“Teachers who need a quick and formative assessment tool in India”

  • In schools today, there is a lack of teaching aids that allow teachers to quickly and accurately assess the comprehension levels of their students.
  • While teachers have a general idea of whether a majority has understood a lesson, there is no easy way for them to assess the different learning levels of all the students in their class.


This program aims to help teachers to assess each student’s comprehension level in a classroom in real-time.  It uses the piCards which is a classroom feedback collection and reporting a solution to suggest to teachers a quicker and better way to evaluate each student in their own classes. 


The application/software program called PiCards is used to collect the feedback and analyze the data to suggest some solution for personalized learning.

1. Each student gets a sheet of paper with a QR Code like a pattern printed on it. The four orientations of sheet code for options A, B, C and D. Students rotate and hold up their sheets like placards.

2. A teacher can scan and record all the answers at once with mobile devices equipped with PiCards application. At this point, polling a class of 35~50 students barely takes 30 seconds. The result will be automatically synced to an analytics platform.

3. The results for every student are stored on the platform and can be used to structure future lessons and give teachers an accurate picture of what topics need to be revised.

PiCards can be used for diverse purposes. It can be used for simple quiz analysis or to get feedback after the class. Of course, it is, also, useful for both in-depth quiz analysis and quiz performance analysis. Moreover, it will help a teacher to track the overall student’s performance. Furthermore, it can also be used to get the consolidated reports with personalized suggestions.

The program includes not only PiCards, but also additional applications for teachers and parents. Teacher’s app includes an attendance tracker, feedback and quizzes along with basic analytics. In the case of parents’ app, it allows parents to track their children’s with attendance and performance in a school.


 PiCards is a supportive tool for teachers, but, it ultimately supports students and schools. PiCards make each student’s opinion count and encourage student participation and increases activity in the classroom. It will make a student become more confident while allowing them to choose an answer irrespective of other students’ answer and without the fear of being judged for a wrong response. Moreover, schools will get benefits with this program, since they can track overall class data and manage teachers and students.

Currently, 72 campaigns are ongoing, supporting 72 teachers. Helping teachers, directly or indirectly, the program has an influence on 3,600 students in India.



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