Over a million children living under ISIS in Iraq have missed out on education: Save the Children


More than one million children who have been living under ISIS in Iraq have either been out of school or forced to learn from an ISIS curriculum, some for more than two years, warns Save the Children.

As Iraqi forces continue to battle for control of the suburbs of Mosul city, the number of people displaced by fighting since the offensive was launched on October 17 has climbed to around 34,000 – a 50 percent increase since Friday.

Parents of children who lived under ISIS rule and are now based at Jad’ah camp, south of Qayyarah, say the extremist content of the curriculum aimed to brainwash children and turn them into fighters.

Father of five, Hamid*, said: “They would tell children how to make bombs. When children came out from the school there was a big TV in the garden where they were showing propaganda: how to kill and how to make suicide bombs and how to cut heads off.”

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