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Course Overview/Description

This course is designed especially for the capacity development of the government officials, education experts, practitioners, and university students on Innovation Approaches and Flexible Learning Strategies (FLS) for Out-of-School Children (OOSC) in Asia-Pacific Region. This course consists of 15 topics.

Course Goals and Objectives

Learner Outcomes (Course Goals):

At the end of this course, you will learn practices and innovative educational initiatives for out-of-school children in the Asian region. This will increase the number of education experts available within a region to support the national and regional implementation on FLS for OOSC.


  • To train the educational leaders on education for OOSC.
  • To serve as an online platform for knowledge sharing and enhancing, and capacity developing of the government officials on Innovative approaches for OOSC in the region.
  • To deliver learning contents online to government officials, policy makers, educational leaders, and anyone who is interested on FLS for OOSC and want to learn at their convenience.

Courses are available on App Store and Play Store.


1.Situations of OOSC in ASIA

2.Governance and Policy


4.Collaboration and Partnership

5.Curricula and Assessment

6.Pedagogy and Learning




10.Child Labour and Trafficking

11.Education in Emergencies

12.Ethnic Minorities, Stateless and Migrant

13.Beyond Primary

14.CSR Activities of Private Sectors

15.Monitoring and Evaluation