Netherlands: Lottery Grant to Help Halt Military Use of Schools


A generous grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery will help end the dangerous practice of armed forces using schools for military purposes during wartime, Human Rights Watch said today. The €1,010,500 award is being made to Human Rights Watch, which has done extensive work on the subject.

“Human Rights Watch is extremely grateful for the support and confidence that the Postcode Lottery has shown for our campaign to make schools safer for students around the world,” said Anna Timmerman, Netherlands senior director at Human Rights Watch. “This generous contribution has emboldened us in our campaign to get soldiers out of classrooms during wartime .”

In a Dutch-language video, Human Rights Watch calls for an end to militaries using schools during times of armed conflict. The use of schools by government armed forces and non-state armed groups for military bases, barracks, detention centers, and weapons caches has been documented in at least 25 countries in the past decade, most recently in Europe in the conflict in Ukraine.

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