Nepal government yet to bring one million out-of-school children to cycle of education


Nepal government yet to bring one million out-of-school children to cycle of education
KATHMANDU, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) — While almost one million Nepali children still remain out of school, the Nepal government has said that it is putting every effort to bring those children in schools and complete the full cycle of education.
Unveiling a comprehensive report entitled “All Children in School” as part of Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children launched by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) here on Thursday, Minister of Education Dhani Ram Poudel said the government has been working tirelessly to ensure quality education for all through national legislation, policies and programs.
“Our net enrollment rate now has reached 96 per cent, and the recent Eighth Amendment of Education Act has made education free and compulsory up to Grade eight”, Minister Poudel said while addressing the ceremony.
The report has shown that almost one million Nepali children still remain out of school as per the study conducted by using all available authentic administrative data and findings of household surveys between 2011 to 2015 in Nepal.
The report offers a comprehensive overview of out-of-school children as well as children in school but who are at risk of dropping out caused by various dimensions of inequality and barriers.
Sharing about the major findings, Under Secretary at Ministry of Education Anand Poudel said, “Geographical location, income level, gender, language base and caste stratification are the major factors of non-enrollment and drop-out of children.”
The report states that the key barriers to education for children of Nepal include poverty; social exclusion linked to caste or ethnicity, disability, migration, child labour, child marriage, trafficking, harmful social norms and gender biases, poor school infrastructure and staffing, language barriers, natural disasters and civil strife, governance and financing bottlenecks.
As per the Census 2011, 14.3.percent of 5-12 aged group children are out of school which is 0.77 million of the total population in this age group. Among these, 35.2 per cent of the out-of-school children reside in the districts of southern plains.
“I believe that the individual and household characteristics of out-of-school children presented in the report should make policies better informed and result in more intensive interventions for them from policy level to concrete actions to bring children into schools at the community level,” Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF Nepal Representative said during the ceremony. Enditem