Nepal: Adolescent girl education changes life in Mahottari


MAHOTTARI — Director at Education Department under the Ministry of Education Mitranath Gartaula lauded the task of educating illiterate adolescents and mothers from deprived community of Mahottari district.

Director Gartaula, who has recently reached Parsadeward of Mahottari having a Muslim majority, appreciated the effort to bring out-of-school children to access to school education through adolescent class.

Sabina Khatung, 13, of Samsi rural municipality, Parsa Dewang of Mahottari is excited to see gradual changes in her life because of the effects of adolescent literacy programme.
The program has made her life meaningful with education, Khatun commented.

Likewise, another adolescent girl Gajala Praveena, 13, of has also the similar story. She was enrolled in grade 2 at National Secondary after attending nine-month adolescent literacy class conducted in her village.

Similarly, thirty-five-year-old Rajiya Khatun, who was completely illiterate, now is able to read letters and keep her general transactions after nine-month literacy class under mother education program.

Khatun, a mother of four off-springs, now is fully committed to send her children to school education and pay special attention for clean-up and sanitation in and around her home. After being enlightened from the mother literacy program, she pledged not to allow child marriage at her home and society.

The adolescent literacy program was run last year with the funding support of World Education Organization. Chairperson of Society Development Centre Naim Ansari said that they were successful in enrolling 304 children of the Muslim and Dalit community to schools this year. RSS