640,000 youths and adults completed equivalency programme of primary education in Lao PDR


The Government of Lao is striving to meet the twin goals of (i) exiting the Least Developed Country Status by 2020 and (ii) achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. The Government of Laos is committed to education as a national development priority to help meet these goals. The Education for All – National Plan of Action (2003-2015) has been developed to achieve the commitments and goals. In line with the national commitment, the non-formal education (NFE) equivalency program was developed to increase the learning opportunities for children, youth and adults who are not enrolled in school or who dropped from school so that they can increase their literacy skills and reduce poverty. The programme also provides outreach services such as mobile teachers for those groups unable to access to the formal education system. The programme also laid down a transferring system where NFE students could transfer to the formal education system by joining the corresponding grade of the formal education system.

There was a tremendous achievement of the completion of primary education EP. During the academic year 1991-2015, 942,018 persons completed literacy programmes including 527,898 females and 414,120 males; 640,743 completed primary education EP, consisting of 338,739 females and 302,004 males.

National Celebration of the Completion of Primary Education Equivalency Programme will be held on the 28th August 2015 at the National Conference Hall in Vientaine Capital, Lao PDR.

Leaflet of the National Completion of Primary Education Equivalency Programme of Lao PDR can be downloaded at this link.