“Education, Employment, Community”


“Unskilled workers or unemployed with lack of appropriate skills”


 mySangham is an online portal and community that will bring skill-based education and employment within reach of everyone. It provides a portable and cost-effective vocational education training course for all especially the mobile-first or cloud-first generation. Anyone can upload multilingual contents to make it accessible to more people.


MySangham allows experts and content providers who want to share knowledge to create a course and teach online. Online teaching tools allow course-provider to upload and share their content with the world.

An Individual learner can personalize their learning experience according to pace and preference. mySangham provides a robust analytics module to understand the students’ learning experience.

The learner can learn in their own language. Courses are currently available in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and soon will be available in Telugu and Kannada. Even low-literacy populations will be able to learn through the visually engaging graphical interfaces.

Learners are engaged through an online social learning community which enhances mastery of both vocational and soft skills. mySangham can be easily integrated with popular social media platforms/networks to share knowledge across the communities.

The employment exchange is a venue for local employers to post job opportunities and solicit skilled tradespeople. Course graduates gain marketable skills and certifications enhancing employability and job opportunity.

Hands-on training is available at several training centers. Individuals with little or no computer experience can learn the basics. Facilitators will guide students through the learning process. Users develop confidence as they master technology skills.