Migrant schools face closure amid funding plunge


Schools at the Thai-Burma border that cater for migrant children are facing severe operational struggles as funding from international donors falls, according to the Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee (BMWEC).

“At this moment, there is no donor interest in funding the learning centres for next year, as a lot of attention has shifted to inside the country,” said Naw Paw Ray, chairperson of the BMWEC.

“The learning centres will continue operations until the end of this educational year, and students will be able to sit the end-of-year exams – but as yet, we have no funds for the upcoming cycle,” she said.

The committee have called a meeting with students and parents to assess how to deal with the situation.

There are around 70 Burmese migrant learning centres in Thailand’s Mae Sot and Phop Phra districts that border Burma, providing education to around 10,000 students. 55 of these schools – comprising 6,900 students – are BMWEC affiliated.

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