Let’s Read!

"Asia's Free Digital Library For Children"


“Children in remote or underserved communities who are lack of books”


  • Let’s Read! aims to empower communities to create, translate, and share high-quality, richly illustrated children’s books. It is a digital library with multi-lingual digital books to spark a lifelong love of reading throughout all Asia. Also, it will suggest a quick and cost-effective solution to tackle the problem of book scarcity in local languages and in remote or underserved communities.


Library with a bunch of books in local languages. It’s completely free and you can download PDFs from the library to read offline or print or download the app.

Thousands of high-quality and thousands of high-quality and beautifully illustrated children’s books are sourced from around the world, organized by reading level and categories for everyone to enjoy.

Communities throughout Asia contribute to the library by translating books using our built-in platform. It expands the availability of local language books & creates local reading advocates.

Local brand new storybooks that capture children’s imaginations are produced by teaming aspiring in-country writers with publishing professionals to guide the book creation process.

Let’s Read! works with local organizations to involve families, communities, and schools in all aspects of the initiative, from reading promotion to translation and book creation.