‘LearnBig’ – New Open Digital Library from UNESCO Released with Books in Thai, Myanmar and Ethnic Minority Languages

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    Date: 22 Nov | Story Source: LearnBig ~ Go to Original Article

    The multi-language platform “LearnBig” was developed as part of the UNESCO Bangkok’s initiative “Mobile Literacy for Out-of-School Children” supported by Microsoft, True Corporation and the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

    The project aims to enhance basic literacy and numeracy skills of over 5,500 migrant, ethnic minority, stateless and marginalized children along the Thai-Myanmar border, harnessing the use of ICT and mobile learning (tablet preloaded with “LearnBig” app, satellite TV and internet). More than 230 teachers are currently benefitted from the app. Read more about LearnBig at our website: https://www.learnbig.net/

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