Kitkit School

“A comprehensive early learning solution built for ALL children”


“All children even without access to schools or resources”


 Kitkit School is designed to provide children with the fundamentals and practice needed to build foundation skills in literacy and numeracy even without access to school or resources. As “Kitkit” Named for the phrase “to think” in Thai, it provides a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary.


Kitkit School combines international best-practices in literacy and math education with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to empower every child to succeed as an independent learner.

Kitkit School includes a suite of mini-games, books, videos and quizzes that help children practice reading, writing, counting and math operations.

Kitkit School contains a library that children can freely explore, as well as tools that encourage creativity, including a virtual drum, marimba and painting set.

Its flexible learning architecture comes to life with nature-themed graphics that transcend cultural boundaries and connect the world’s diverse students to positive educational outcomes.

Our commitment to accessibility also led us to incorporate sign language functionality into Kitkit School, including the ability for users to add their own local sign languages into the app.


Apple App Store, with over 6 million downloads worldwide.