Kickstarting Innovation in Brazilian Education, Part I: The Industry


Sitting next to me on my flight to Toronto from Sao Paulo is a young Brazilian man, Alberto Nascimiento. He’s a little fidgety and jittery. It’s understandable: he’s leaving his country for the first time. He is the first in his family to attend college–let alone go to one overseas. He admits he’s been very fortunate to make it this far. He hails from Cuiaba, a city deep in the interior of Brazil, where he attended public school for 12 years.

Many Brazilians simply lack access to education. According to research from Artemisia, an incubator for social impact startups:

  • Only 65% of students complete elementary and middle school…


But where the government has been slow, the Brazilian private sector is stepping up. In the past couple years, foundations and investors have begun betting that education startups can make a difference.”

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