India: Happiness In Classroom Leads To Better Grades, Says Study


NEW DELHI: The discourse on education goes in multiple directions. With the attention to RTE, the discourse seems to be in sway. Indian Education system is often looked down upon for it’s over emphasis on marks and no attention to the happiness index of school students. School students in India are more stressed than happy. CBSE, every year from the past eight years, makes available a helpline number for board students to combat pre and post exam stress. The helplines have been well received by students and parents thus highlighting the fact that academic stress is indeed a stark reality of our education system.

Happiness is a factor which fundamentally is the antithesis of stress and depression. But how much does happiness matter when it comes to learning?

How Happiness Correlates To Academic Excellence?

According to a study conducted by Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) lecturer Christina Hinton, happiness is positively correlated with motivation and academic achievement. She also found out in her study that the culture of the school and the bonds a student forms with their teacher and peers also forms an integral part in their academic growth.

In her study, Hinton found that students learned more when associated with happiness promoting activities. She also found that relation between students and teachers is another factor which promotes happiness in students.


Hinton says, “In this study, we found that a network of supportive relationships is at the heart of happiness. If schools want to support student well being and achievement, they should take seriously nurturing positive relationships among teachers and students.”

The study is important in the context of Indian Educational system. In India, classrooms have become more about the weights of school-bags than interactive learning. This study certainly opens up possibilities about various teaching methods which can improve student’s happiness index in Indian school classrooms and their overall performance.