Inclusive education starts with planning

Photo: GPE/Kelley Lynch (From Author Site URL)
Date: 26 July 2018 | By: Mark Waltham, UNICEF, and Jim Ackers, IIEP/UNESCO | Story Source: Global Partnership for Education (GPE) ~ Go to Original Article


During a technical roundtable on disability-inclusive educational planning last week, eight countries came together to discuss challenges and opportunities for inclusive education.

After Fred Haga lost his eyesight as a teenager in Kenya, no one thought he could continue his education. “There was very little awareness,” he says. For seven years, he was out of the education system, until he found a high school that would allow him to complete his studies.

Today, he is the Acting Director for Special Needs Education in the Ministry of Education in Kenya. Inclusive education is gaining a lot of traction in his country, reflecting the growing momentum at the global level. More teachers are being trained on inclusive education and in May 2018