Implementation of Android Based Mobile Learning Application as Flexible Learning Media


Mobile Learning is a learning model that is done inter place or environment using portable technology regardless of space and time. With its potencies and excellences, Mobile Learning is expected to be one of alternative learning sources that can enhance efficiency and effectiveness of learning process for human.

Mobile learning as an intersection of Mobile Computing and E-Learning providing resources that can be accessed in anywhere has capability in an excellent searching system, rich interaction and full support towards an effective learning and performance-based assessment. In addition, it has a characteristic of not being dependent on time and space. Education requires an alternative learning model typically not dependent on time and space. It is also expected that the alternative model can facilitate knowledge sharing and knowledge visualization in order to make knowledge more interesting and easy to understand[6]. The use of information and communication technology in education has been always being developed in any various strategies and expected patterns. e-Learning system as a learning form that uses a set of electronic devices and digital media or mobile learning (m-Learning) refers to a learning form particularly using mobile devices and communication technology. The use of this m-learning technology is aimed to assist the university students or society to be able to access the lecture materials or information anytime, anywhere and in any conditions.

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