iCommunity & iMobile

Sparking Curiosity And Nurturing Creativity In Rural India


Partially serendipitous, some of India’s finest minds in the areas of business, education, and finance developed the earliest concept of taking science lessons into the rural villages to reach the country’s poorest and most disenfranchised children.


“Poorest and disenfranchised children in India rural area”

  • Even in communities whose electricity and clean water may experience a frequent interruption, students need to be shown how basic computer skills and tools can help improve their science learning.


This project is designed to introduce digital technology to rural students. We introduce poor children to the digital world, even where electricity is scarce and English is not the first language. Thus, children can learn digital literacy at least to understand what the tools are and the basics of how to use them, should they be able to further their studies or get work where they are used. 


The program integrates language and art while introducing basic digital skills. Using iMobile lab, which is a mobile lab outfitted with solar power, digital equipment comes together with ancient folklore, rural arts, community life, we share with the plant and animal life that surrounds us. This special lab is equipped with computers, cameras, audio recording devices, battery operated internet hub, and a projector.

 All these types of equipment are used to teach science, environment, such as exploring plants, insects or animals, as well as, to teach how to use a device. Therefore, children become more proficient in using computers and the internet to create a richer learning environment. For example, children do field observation to create the story related to the preservation of threatened species or the surrounding ecosystem and then record it by using video or audio recordings. There is a carefully planned rotation of 10~12 lessons and visits to schools for one year to elevating educational experience as many children as possible.  


More than 4,500 boys and 3,000 girls have benefitted from iCommunity & iMobile project in all around India. Currently, 23 iMobile labs are enhancing better access to quality science education in 11 states. Some of the works done by students were introduced in digital fairs. It not only enthuses children but also makes parents proud of their children. Parents and community leaders have also been highly appreciative of this project as it is well understood that digital education can open up innumerable opportunities.


Agastya International Foundation

  • Agastya’s main aim is to arm Indians with the required knowledge to lessen the socio-economic gap between rural and urban India.
  • Collectively determined to change society for the better, Agastya’s founders embarked on an ambitious journey in order to make a significant and transformative contribution to India’s education system.