I can choose my career as I like


Po Tha Jan is from the Kapyinyoe Non-Formal Education (NFE) class, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region. He is nine years old and lives together with his family. He is physically disabled, not being able to walk well. His mental capacity is good. He can quickly catch what teachers say. Before he came to the NFE class he attended Grade one of a formal school (Kindergarten). There he was bullied because of his disability. After some months, he resigned from that school. In the NFE class, he happily and actively learns, and can read and write very well. A teacher for the NFE class, Bwe Say, has taken special care to foster compassionate relationships between children and Po Tha Jan. Later he has gained confidence in learning.

One of the communities told that Po Tha Jan asked his friends from the old school:

“I can choose my career as I like, and my teachers will support me. If I want to set up a shop they will support with some investment. Do you have teachers like that at your school?”.

Po Tha Jan at 3D cinema together with NFE students
Po Tha Jan at 3D cinema together with NFE students

He also said, “I want to attend the class and learn more. My teacher will send me to an appropriate vocational when I am old enough. I’m interested in mechanic. My teacher said I’m good at Mathematic and has good thinking skills. My mother also wants me to be independent. She wants me to stand on my own foot”.

His teacher said, “I really want all of my students to have a good education and vocation later on. As Po Tha Jan is the disabled student, I have more attention on him and always try to teach him in a simple and easily accessible way. I really wish him to be happy and want to improve him whenever he comes and attends to the class”.

Credit: Hope for Shining Stars (S4SK)