Former Miss Universe revisits her mother’s hometown as part of the Rural Teaching Scholarship Programme


“Anyone who was around during the 80s is likely to remember when Porntip was crowned Miss Universe, the second Thai woman to receive that honour in the pageant’s history.

“Growing up, my mother always talked about her upbringing in Ubon Ratchathani and how simple life was. She talked about how, when she was young, she had nothing. She worked in the rice fields. It’s always good to remember your roots and that’s why I wanted to bring my children here today,” said Porntip on her recent trip to Nongkung School in Ubon Ratchathani.

The trip was to announce the launch of a new building sponsored by Porntip’s Angels Wings Foundation, a non-profit organisation she created in 2002 to assist the underprivileged children of her native country of Thailand. Since its inception Angels Wings has built schools, provided educational scholarships, healthcare and many other critical services for the youth in Thailand.” 

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