Education Technology Latest News & Updates: EdTech Invading Preschools? Teachers To Focus On Bringing Technology Into Traditional Classrooms


Education technology is often perceived through its transformative potential. In fact, EdTech has the ability to personalize teaching by taking schools out of the industrial era and prepare the youth for a fast and developing economy.

Despite being a broad field with profound and contrasting definitions, education technology is believed to be able to empower and change the norms and standards of a student’s opportunity limitations for success. That’s why EdTech is now invading preschools by allotting a digital-age awareness on traditional learning.

Education Technology In Preschools

In September, YWCA Westmoreland County will reportedly launch its education technology-inspired “TechTYKES” preschool program that aims to integrate technology to conventional educational approaches. According to TRIBLive, the 9-month program will allow preschoolers to learn the basic uses of technology as well as how to use high-tech tools such as tablets and laptops for educational purposes.

“The children already know how to use the technology, but not for education,” YWCA technology director Gina McGraph said.

What Preschoolers Will Learn In TechTYKES

In addition to the basic use of technology, YWCA’s education technology-driven TechTYKES program will also allow kids to learn how apps work, to know and understand Wi-Fi and to navigate on a touch-screen gadget. After learning the basics, the EdTech program will then focus on the usual preschool lessons combined with high-tech activities, including making videos on tablets.

Education technology program TechTYKES will also boost preschool education by adding an international component to it. This added element will be video calls between students in Greensburg and other classes worldwide.

“Technology is such a big part of our lives, and we wanted to create a program that would prepare students for living and learning in a digital age,” Westmoreland YWCA Executive Director Kathy Raunikar said.

TechTYKES Program Details

Through an $11,000 Richard King Mellon Foundation grant, YWCA is able to buy education technology tools needed to implement the TechTYKES program. Unfortunately, the program will start small with only eight students to be enrolled this year on a first-come, first served basis.

The education technology preschool program reportedly costs $105 a month. Luckily, YWCA is offering financial assistance to eligible students who will be 5 before Sept. 2. For more information, interested parents may contact YWCA at 724-834-9390.

Education Technology To Raise Education Standards?

Education has reportedly resisted technological transformations. That’s why, tech companies aim to meaningfully invade the education market by offering education technology tools and programs that can change and influence education standards.

With that said, Google and Apple are reportedly dominating the education market with its education technology devices such as using iPads in the classrooms, Recode notes. However, EdTech devices, as well as operating systems are not everything. In fact, it should be supplemented with software and web apps to effectively provide students the tools needed for learning.

Global Players In Education Technology

Meanwhile, a list has recently been compiled for the first time to recognize the global players in education technology industry. Among the 50 most significant names in EdTech are Raspberry Pi co-founder David Braben, Professor Sugata Mitra and Khan Academy founder Salman Khan, TES reveals.

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