Education crisis on the Thailand-Myanmar border


Due to a lack of funds, at least fourteen schools are at risk of closing and there will soon be 2,250 out-of-school children; easy targets of exploitation and human trafficking. Please help us to help them. Because every child has the right to go to the school #SchoolsRescue

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Decades of military dictatorship, political persecution, economic hardship and armed conflict has forced over a million displaced persons to the border of Thailand.

While the international community applauded political changes in Myanmar there are around 70,000 displaced children from Myanmar who live on the Thai – Burma border without protection. More than 60 % of these children have no access to schooling, while more and more of the existing schools are closing due to a lack of financial support.

Right now, our NGO “Help without Frontiers” is supporting 14 of the 64 schools, called Migrant Learning Centers, which educate more than 3,400 displaced children, providing them with schooling and protection and, therefore, hope for the future. Since 2002 we have been supporting disadvantaged refugees in this geographic area with programs in education, health, women’s empowerment, human rights and youth leadership.

However, other organizations which were active in and around the Mae Sot area of Thailand have left and have restarted their activities inside Myanmar. Migrants and refugees in Mae Sot are left without support. Most of them do not feel ready to return home to Myanmar, which still is lacking in basic infrastructure, including schools and hospitals.

Due to the lack of funding and support some schools have to manage their own few resources and run their school by themselves. They are not able to provide a good education and survive alone with their own resources. Last year this situation forced seven schools to close down and this year at least 14 schools are at risk of closing and another 2,250 children will be left out of school.

Out-of-school children are targets for trafficking and exploitation, particularly in the construction, domestic service, fishing and sex industries.

Help without Frontiers cannot stand this situation and cannot leave the 2,250 children alone and exposed to the risks of the street, we want to help them and protect these children under the education umbrella. We need your help to support their schools and enable them to get a decent education.
These children did not choose to be in this situation. They did not choose to have a life without opportunity. Imagine if you were one of them. Please don’t let them walk alone. Let’s support them together. Please help us to help them. #SchoolsRescue

Every baht, every dollar, every euro, counts in this rescue effort. No more “out-of-school” children.

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