Improving Education In Rural India, One School At A Time, FLS News Issue 973 Thu 28 November 2019

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” ― Warren Buffett [more quotes]
🕛 4 Mins | Learning Outcome
Improving Education In Rural India, One School At A Time
Literacy and education are crucial in creating a society of people who can think…….
🕛 8 Mins | Policy
Cambodia has achieved incredible progress in basic education, with almost universal……
🕛 3 Mins | EdTech | Tools
Technology Tools That Can Help Dyslexic Students
Even after years of intensive intervention and tutoring, dyslexic students can continue……
🕛 2 Mins | Curriculum
Major Overhaul In Sudan Education Curriculum
The current school system in Sudan consists of eight years of basic school…..
🕛 4 Mins | Tools
Open Education Resources Get International Backing With UNESCO Vote
The recommendations were adopted this…….
UNESCO Bangkok Initiative
The knowledge-sharing platform of contents for inclusive education for learners with disabilities.

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@ Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE)
Location: Manila, Phillipines
Closing Date: 13 December 2019
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TECH 2019 aims to showcase the role of digital technologies in enabling a shift from “transmissive pedagogies” to “transformative pedagogies” to create more peaceful and sustainable societies.

Date: 10 – 12 December 2019

Location: Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

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