“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” ― L. Frank Baum [more quotes]
🕛 15 Mins  | Gender | Access
These Girls Were Powerless, Living On The Edge Of Society
But one school is turning them into heroes, feminists and resisters…….
🕛 3 Mins | Emergency
Some progress made in providing………
🕛 5 Mins  | Access
UNRWA Opens Schools In Syria For Over 51,000 Palestine Refugee Girls and Boys
This school year, 51,000 Palestine……
🕛 2 Mins  | Teacher
Teacher Shortages Mean ‘Global Learning Crisis’
The world needs 69 million teachers to be recruited, if it is to achieve the………..
🕛 4-5 Mins |  OOSC
Kadam – The Out of School Children Project
The ‘Out of School Children’ project focuses on mainstreaming of out-of-school…..
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Education Specialist (For Pakistan Nationals Only)

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Closing Date: 2 October 2019
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Webinar – The webinar will discuss how to shape children’s ideas around gender roles and practices, both in and out of the classroom
Date: 26 September 2019
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