At A Floating Village In Cambodia, Children Drift Away From Schooling, FLS News Issue 936 Wed 4 September 2019


“Play is the highest form of research.” ― Albert Einstien [more quotes]
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At A Floating Village In Cambodia, Children Drift Away From Schooling
Children, some from a young age, are…….
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UN: Half Of Refugee Children Do Not Go To School

The UNHCR found that as refugee children get older, fewer go to school………..
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Early Childhood Education Is Better With Technology

As technological advancements are being made every day, survival without it……..
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Huawei Facilitating Girls’ Education

Huawei is not only a leading ICT industry but also a responsible organisation for………
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5 Real Uses Of Virtual Reality In Education

All people know and understand what is altered, virtual or imaginary………..
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