Learning vs. Education, FLS News Issue 927, Wed 14 August 2019

“Teaching is a profession in which capacity building should occur at every stage of the career – novices working with accomplished colleagues, skillful teachers sharing their craft, and opportunities for teacher leadership .” ― Randi Weingarten [more quotes]
Learning vs. Education
🕛 4-5 Mins  |  Opinion
Education tends to be about taking classes, earning credentials, acquiring and……..
🕛 5 Mins | Opinion
The shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, are markers of growing problem…….

Designing Empathy-Based Professional Development That Teachers Will Use
🕛 4 Mins  | Professional Development
While there has been an increase in….
Revitalizing Indigenous Languages Is Critical
🕛 6 Mins  |  Mother Tongue
Being fluent in a world language is a desirable skill in modern day society……….
How Does Autism Differ In Boys And Girls? Scientist Leads Effort To Find Answers
🕛 3 Mins |  Special Needs
A pioneering autism researcher at the….
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