A Targeted Response To The Learning Crisis, FLS News Issue 919, Wed 24 July 2019

“To teach is to learn twice.” ― Joseph Joubert [more quotes]
A Targeted Response To The Learning Crisis
🕛 6 Mins  |  Opinion
Significant progress is needed to…..
🕛 5 Mins | EdTech
Education has always been considered….

Ministry Enhancing Educational Content To Raise Thinking Skills
🕛 1 Min  | ICT in Education
Enhancing educational content and adopting new technology in teaching and….
It’s Time to Invest In Children’s Out-of-School Education
🕛 3 Mins  |  Opinion | OOSC
To help strengthen and maintain our workforce pipeline, now is the right time….
The Blue Dot: Social and Emotional Learning
🕛 60 Mins |  21st Century Skills | Publication
A growing corpus of scientific evidence reveals that social and emotional…..
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31 August 2019
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