Reading Club: The Classroom Experience Of Teachers And Pupils, FLS News Issue 903, Thu 13 June 2019

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”  ― Maya Angelou [more quotes]
Reading Club: The Classroom Experience Of Teachers And Pupils
🕛 6 Mins  |  Pedagogy
Personalised adaptive learning technologies….
🕛 4 Mins | EdTech
After decades of attempting to improve…..
How To Prepare Your Children For Digital Future
🕛 5 Mins  | Opinion
The relentless pace of technological innovation is transforming the way we work and live….
How Data Is Focusing Efforts To Educate Girls In India
🕛 7 Mins  |  Girls Education
Research finds educating girls has surprising effects in deprived communities….
SDG 4 Data Book: Global Education Indicators 2019
🕛 120 Mins |  Publication
This publication presents the global monitoring indicators used by countries and the international development community to…..
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