For Refugee Children, Reading Helps Heal Trauma, FLS News Issue 883, Tue Apr 2019

“If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.”  ―Howard Gardner [more quotes]
For Refugee Children, Reading Helps Heal Trauma
🕛 7 Mins  |  Learning Outcomes
Psychologists find that story time can build the strong relationships they need for healthy…
Augmented Reality: The Future of Education
🕛 6-7 Mins  |  EdTech
Teachers have now a powerful tool in Augmented Reality. AR can motivate and…
Malala’s Nonprofit Debuts YouTube Series ‘Roll Call’
🕛 5-6 Mins  | Gender
In Roll Calls first episode, Yousafzai introduces it as a series meant to give girls around the….
How New Learning Modes will Shape The ‘Future Of Work’
🕛 3 Mins  |  HigherEd | Curriculum
The function and makeup of the workforce will change as industries adapt to new…
Global Education Community Clashes Over GPE Private Sector Strategy Specifics
🕛 4-5 Mins  |  Policy
Civil society actors are calling on the….
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