Data for Lifelong Learning: What Can Monitoring Do? UNESCO Institute for Statistics Releases its SDG4 Data Digest 2018, FLS News Alerts Issue 835 – Tue 11 Dec 2018

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    “If you can raise the floor of what a generation of children know, then you’ve raised the floor of what that country can do as those children become adults” ―Shannon May
    🕛 3 Mins | Data Digest

    Data for Lifelong Learning: What Can Monitoring Do?

    Globally, 617 million – 6 out of 10 children – are unable to read a simple sentence or...
    🕛 5-6 Mins | Report

    Safe Schools: The Hidden Crisis, A Framework for Action

    New report lays out concrete steps to safe…
    🕛 4 Mins | Finance

    Over $1.7 billion Committed to Education: Global Citizenship Festival

    Significant strides were made to #FundEducation at...
    🕛 2-3 Mins | Disability

    This AI-Powered App Aims to Help Kids with Autism

    Could AI benefit children with autism? Ned Sahin, a neuroscientist and...
    🕛 4 Mins | Research

    4 Ways Children Say Their Well-Being Can Be Improved (UK)

    Good emotional health as a child lays the foundation...
    🕛 3 Mins | EdTech

    Chinese Publisher Introduces AI Textbooks For Preschoolers

    Photos of an AI textbook for Chinese preschoolers...

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