Which Countries Spend the Most on Education? Results are in from OECD’s Education at a Glance Report, FLS News Alerts Issue 827 – Thu 22 Nov 2018

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    “Play is the highest form of research” ―Albert Einstein
    🕛 3 Mins | Finance

    These Countries Spend the Most on Education

    Few would argue that a thriving education system is vital to success...
    🕛 3 Mins | EdTech

    Cambodia: Bringing ICT Knowledge Into the Classroom

    The Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport, in response to the growth of...
    🕛 3-4 Mins | Access

    Don’t Leave Refugee, Migrant Kids Behind

    Thailand has been a major destination for migrants & refugees for decades...
    🕛 2 Mins | Case

    Thailand: Schooling Offers Bright Future for Migrants

    From construction site to classroom, 22-year old Aung Chan says education
    🕛 6-7 Mins | Teacher

    Revisited: Why We Need to See Each Other Teach

    I have always taught with my classroom door closed. Officially, it’s because
    🕛 3 Mins | EdTech

    Pakistan: Tech Approach Paces Up ICT-based Learning In Remote Parts

    Amid the introduction & expansion of innovative

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    Event: 2018 UNESCO Global Education Meeting
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