Researchers Reveal Having More Books at Home When Growing Up Improves Educational Outcomes, FLS News Alerts Issue 818 – 1 Nov 2018

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You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen―Vince Gowman
3 Mins | Research

World’s Biggest Bookworms Revealed in Global Study

Researchers link more books at home to better...


4 Mins | Partnership

Cambodia Invests in Early Years Teachers

New program aims to ensure quality education through professional
4 Mins | Case

How do You Scale Spirit? Teaching at the Right Level in India

New program aims to ensure quality education through
1 Min | Policy

UNESCO Launches Video Tutorials on How to Build a Learning City

Learning cities around the world are taking action...
3 Mins | Teacher

Leading Whole-School Improvement (US)

How high expectations, constructive feedback, and valuable professional...
3 Mins | Disability

Microsoft App Allows Anyone to Hear the World Around Them

Soundscape is a new app for vision impaired or low...

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Title: Education Manager – Education in Emergencies – Afghanistan
Organisation: UNICEF
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
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Event: Webinar on School Eye Health Programmes
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