Learning for all, the Finnish way? Keeping special needs children in regular schools makes society more inclusive: experts Say, FLS News Alerts Issue 817 – 30 Oct 18

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The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts―C.S Lewis
4-5 Mins | Policy

Learning for All: The Finnish Way?

Keeping special needs kids in regular schools, makes society more inclusive...


6 Mins | Stories

India: A Hero’s Story, Gun Victim Establishes School

Gunman in Kashmir left Ahmad Tak paralysed
3 Mins | Disability

Celebrating Sign Language: How We Can Tackle Barriers

For deaf children, sign is a vital means of
4 Mins | Policy

Japan: Steps Up to Bullying as Cases

The number of bullying cases at schools has reached a record high, according...
5 Mins | Teacher

What Teachers Can Do To Include  LGBTQ Students

Back in September, teacher Mary Gilreath’s 1st grade...
3 Mins | Finance

Australia: ‘No Pencils, No Lunch’: Teachers Dip Into Their Own Pockets

Mandy Wells uses her own...

Job Opportunity! New!

Title: Education Manager – Education in Emergencies – Afghanistan
Organisation: UNICEF
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Apply by: 13 November 2018

What’s Up? New!

Event: Webinar on School Eye Health Programmes
Location: Webinar (N/A)
Date: 6 November 2018