Meet Cambodia’s ‘Rubbish Man’: The School Where Children Pay For Their Education in Recycled Waste Materials, FLS News Alerts Issue 812 – 18 Oct 2018

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Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting―Ivan Illich
3 Mins | Stories

Meet the School Where Children Pay for Education in Recyclables

About 65 kids are enrolled at the Cambodian school...
4 Mins | Girls Ed.

A Global Moment for Local Champions of Girls’ Education

On International Day of the Girl, leaders of girls’...
1-2 Mins | Data

It’s Time to Upgrade the SDG4 Learning Indicator For Young Children

A new phase in the global measurement of learning
3 Mins | Research

On Screen Learning: Infants More Likely to Learn With a Peer

You read that correctly: Infants. Researchers at...
3-4 Mins | Case

Women and Girls Take the Lead in Afghanistan

ECW provides a new path for women teachers and community leaders
2 Mins | Teacher

How Finnish-inspired Methods Improved Learning in a US Classroom

When people said Finnish teaching methods

Job Opportunity!

Title: Education Specialist/ Economist
Organisation: World Bank
Location: Washington DC, USA
Apply by: 28 October 2018

What’s Up? On Now!

Event: 19th International Conference on Education Research
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Date: 17-18 October 2018