Singapore abolishes school exam rankings, says learning is not competition, Issue 811 – Tue 17 Oct 2018

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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do―Leonardo Da Vinci
3 Mins | Policy

Children in Singapore Will No Longer Be Ranked By Exam Results

Singapore has long been an educational high-achiever...
3 Mins | Data

Filipino Children Remain Deprived of Rights to Life – UN Study

Whilst progress has been made, a UN-led study...
4 Mins | Access

Investing in Global Knowledge Sharing for Our Children: 3 Areas

New report offers 3 areas for education investment
4 Mins | Finance

Playing Catchup: Funding for Education Lags Behind Health

Investment in schools is invisible and, unlike...
5 Mins | Research

How Stress Affects Your Memory and What We Can Do

In this video, Elizabeth Cox explains there are many kinds of stress, but
5 Mins | EdTech

Experts Call for an End to Online Preschool Programs (US)

Experts warn programs may hold ‘new risks’

Job Opportunity! New!

Title: Education Specialist/ Economist
Organisation: World Bank
Location: Washington DC, USA
Apply by: 28 October 2018

What’s Up? On Now!

Event: 19th International Conference on Education Research
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Date: 17-18 October 2018